Thanks to BJs Beauty and Barber College, I learned industry fundamentals, how to grow, and be passionate about the beauty industry. The connections and support system I received by attending this school, could not be matched when I made my decision to further my career, and excel as an educator for a global manufacturer, and becoming a salon owner.
John Erickson
Matrix Educator/Salon Owner


I enrolled in the Esthetician Program at BJ’s Beauty School and graduated in 2013. I wanted a career in Individual Lash Extensions and own my own salon. BJ’s Beauty School helped me to efficiently prepare for state boards and successfully pass. Esthetician school is the beginning of your career path. Continuing education is extremely as important. From there I went on to take certification courses in lash extensions, volume lash extensions and mega volume lash extensions with Irina Levchuk, and Jill with Lash FX. I am the Owner of Epic Lashes and Brows . In 2014 I received my Permanent Makeup Tattoo Licensing and training again with Irina Levchuk at Lash and Brow Academy, Deluxe Brows, and Phi Brows in Microblading, Combination Brows, Shading and Ombré. BJ’s Beauty School is your starting point to achieve your career path in an amazing industry. What ever your passion is in, Skin care, Waxing , Facials, Medical Esthetics, Makeup, Lash Extensions it all begins here.

Nikki Hagen-Misley
Epic Lashes and Brows, Permanent Makeup and Lash Extensions


Mrs BJ, I’m writing you because I thought you might want to know what I’ve been up to… First off I attended your school back in 02 or 03. Anyway my name is Aaron Anderson I finished barber college and 3 days later I moved to San Diego I’ve been here ever since!!! I opened up GoodFellas Barber Shop shave parlor in 08 and my 1st year anniversary for my second shop was 2 weeks ago and it’s been an amazing ride. Just wanted to thank you for doing what you done for the industry. I’m also in the making of my 3rd barbershop!! I’m teaming up with a barber from New Jersey and another barber from San Diego. Its gonna be upscale barber services! Hair cuts starting at $35 – $40… We’re going for it!!! Well I hope this gets back to you somehow. Hope all is well. Thanks again. Ps maybe I’ll stop by the school sometime when I fly home.


People really never know all the inner workings of a person’s life. We may never hear about the impact our choices make. Fortunately, for me, I have had the opportunity to be both mentored and befriended by this remarkable women, Bj .
Bj was a part of the final leg of my journey to become a licensed cosmetologist.

I started at Crown Beauty College in downtown Tacoma on a scholarship at 18 years old and in a fresh new marriage. I transfered to Clover Park technicol College for more academic structure and then left to have our baby. When it came time to go back and finish, I didn’t want to. My mom who understood me like no other bribed me to go back to school. She used jewelry and words of wisdom. She told me that my diploma and license would be my key to freedom. She said, even if you never use your license, you will have a choice. It is the key that will unlock your future. Clover Park did not have opening to let me come back and frankly, though they were strong on the academics they were weak on hands on training.

My next stop was at Mr. Rodgers Beauty College. Bj was the manager. By then I was 20. She was only 8 years older than me but it may as well have been 2 decades because she was a power to be reconded with. I was habitually arriving to school minutes before the day began, smelling of smoke and looking like the wreck of the Hespus. And though I was gifted as a hairdresser and that got me through many an opportunity, it was not going to get me through this fierce woman. Bj challenged me. She said- you have every excuse in the book for being late and looking a wreck. But so do i. I have a baby too and I manage to get to work on time, dressed for the beauty business with my make up on and prepared for the day.

It’s time you do too. You have a choice. You can decide to straighten up, look the part or get out.

That brave young woman, changed my life by simply being herself and doing her job.
And now this brave 68 year old woman business owner, wife and mother continues to inspire me as she battles pancreatic cancer. She has beat the odds and lived beyond the 3-6 months her doctors gave her. She is now on her 3rd year. With her daughter April Simpson’s research and recommendations for a new cancer drug, Bj continues to touch lives and make a difference in this world.

I owe so much of my career to Bj. I love you Bj. Thank you for helping to make me the woman I am today.

Peggy Webster

Here are some of the top producing salons and shops our students own or are working in.

• FoxFire, Karen, Owner, Topie, Stylist
• Third Dimensions in Bonney Lake
• Studio Salon in Bonney Lake
• Family Ties, Ms Candace Wesley, Owner – Tacoma
• Unfadables, Jo Neil, Owner – Federal Way
• Adam’s Flair for Hair, Adam Garibaldi, Owner/Educator
• JC Pennys Tacoma Mall and South Hill Mall
• J Kenlows Tacoma Mall, Sea-Tac Mall, South Center
• Melissa Pritchard Owner-Che’mel Salon
• Stephanie Goff OwnerIdentity Salon
• Marnie Owner-Stylebar Salon
• Alyx, Elaina, Shannon Stylist- Bangs
• Ashley Stylist- Salon Ish
• Kia Hanson Owner-Lush Lashes
• Ashley Bensing Owner-Beauty Bar
• Dianna Demmel Owner-Essential Esthetics
• Nikki Misley Owner-Epic Lashes & Brows
• Courtney, Alyssa, Ashly, Stylist-Tuscan Salon
• Samantha Asmussen Stylist-Madison’s Salon
• Supercuts
• Chardonnay
• Great Clips
• Regis